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All my instruments are built of solid, high-quality tonewood; also the binding, bridge pins, etc. are of wood. No plastics are used. Bridge and nut are made of natural bone.

I build my instruments with passion, for people with a passion for music. Instruments, which through their sound, playability and character fill everyone who plays them with passion; instruments that you don't want to let go of, that you always want to play...


bouzouki Rob van Leuven (1955), Eindhoven, the Netherlands:

an architect professionally I have been building stringed instruments since my college days. At 16 I built my first (electric) guitar because I couldn't afford to buy one.

bouzouki In the late 70's I built several acoustic guitars and a mandolin; a friend taught me the basics of woodworking. After that my studies, work and family were higher on the priority list and no further instruments were built until I ran into the Irish folk group Cran in 2004. Sean Corcoran of that group played an instrument that intri- gued me immediately and I decided I wanted one to play in my own group 'Achterum' which consists of Jos Klomp, Piet Ruissen and myself since 1984. I couldn't find a decent Irish bouzouki - that was the instrument I had seen - in the music stores and so decided to build one myself. I have built several Irish bouzoukis since 2005 and a line of six parlour guitars, including one which is stringed as an Irish bouzouki. Recently I have designed a new model steel-string acoustic with several innovative features which I have baptized 'Dilemma' and will be the flagship of my product range. I have just completed the prototype and will build an initial series of six after I have ironed out any remaining design issues; there will also be a twelve-string version. Keep an eye on my website for any further developments and feel free to contact me through the contact page. For other interesting pages goto "links" in the menu.